Parker and Parker Commercial and Residential Developments
Parker and Parker Commercial and Residential Developments

We invest in strong commercial & residential portfolios in the UK & Overseas and actively seek properties with income and capital growth potential.


Residential: Working with our team of consultants, we share a commitment to deliver market leading residential properties.

Commercial: We are constantly on the look out for new & existing plots.



Having had 25 years of building a residential and Commercial portfolio we continue to expand in developments in both areas. From luxury Villas in Mallorca to commercial starter units.

We are continuing to look for opportunities and will invest some £10,000,000 over the next 3 years developing opportunities both in commercial and residential properties.


We are also looking at investing with partners, maybe independent builders in need of investment/ finance. Maybe homeowners requiring a quick sale. We are proactive in our approach to find solutions for both parties with the ultimate goal of the relationship being Win-win!

Please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' tab at the bottom of the webpage with your enquiry and we will come back to you.

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Cheltenham, Birmingham, 

Worcester, Kidderminster, Walsall,  Bewdley, Mallorca (Spain) 


Chris Parker 

Group Director

I have spent the last 38 years developing a global welding manufacturing Business. Some 12 months ago I decided to take a step back and concentrate on our property business, which I have nurtured as a sideline for some 25 years.


In the last 8 years, I have given more time to projects both here in the UK and overseas building luxury villas and refurb projects. See current projects.

After hours, I enjoy working out at the gym, mountain biking, and watching big sports events.

Since leaving College at the age of 18 I followed in my fathers footsteps and joined the sales team within the family wholesale welding business. After working within the industry for 3 years I decided to part ways and follow my passion for property development & design. 

Working both part time in Parker & Parker and part time at an estate agents in Cheltenham. My time is fully dedicated to everything property. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of my job working both in the admin role & getting a hands on approach with refurbishments.

I’m young, ambitious, yet realistic about what I’ve got to learn. I’ll do it, and if I make mistakes I’ll be first to fess up and put it right.

After hours, I enjoy the gym, playing rugby and djing at the local bars & nightclubs.

Parker and Parker Commercial and Residential Developments

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Property Investment

Investing in less developed properties and turning them into high class living accommodation

Property Management

Running & managing current properties and tenants


We have also developed on the island of Mallorca over the last 8 years the latest high end luxury villa selling for 5.950 million euros.